Dynamic features used

Almar Klein almar.klein at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 12:44:51 CET 2008


You're right (I think), but I fail to see the point you're trying
to make or the question you're asking... :)

I use python for scientific research too, and for me speed can be
an issue too sometimes. By using numpy and scipy I have
an environment similar to Matlab in terms of speed and
functionality (but with a language thats much easier to code in).
C# or C++ etc would be faster, yes...
But what I find even more important is that my code is interpreterd,
so I can run some code from my editor, check some results,
run another piece of code, or make changes to the code and try
again. I've tried using C# for doing my stuff, but then the
compile-> run step takes ages just too long... Plus in python you
can introspect all your varialbes using the python prompt.


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