Are there any FOSS Python Single-Sign-on Servers?

Phillip B Oldham phillip.oldham at
Wed Nov 12 00:29:41 CET 2008

On Nov 11, 11:00 pm, Ben Finney <bignose+hates-s... at>
> Phillip B Oldham <phillip.old... at> writes:
> > I've searched around but can only seem to find OpenID servers, which
> > will probably be too "open" for our needs.
> Please, if you're going to be coding new systems, use established,
> standard, open protocols with actively maintained implementations. For
> single sign-on. OpenID is the one to choose.

I think maybe there's some misunderstanding. The protocol isn't the
issue; I'm happy to use whatever (HTTP, LDAP, SOAP, XMPP, etc). The
issue is that OpenID, by its name, is open. We don't want to allow
anyone with an openid account to register with our webapps, we simply
want to centralise registration and sign-on for our employees.

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