Responding to web request with python

Tim Roberts timr at
Sun Nov 2 05:41:14 CET 2008

scott212 <busitones at> wrote:
>I'm responding with xml to a web request from google checkout but I
>think I'm in a catch-22. To get my webserver (apache) to respond I
>need a header and then a blank line before my xml begins, or else it
>throws the 500 error. If have the blank line before the xml, the
>service I'm responding to cannot parse it. If it's a response, can I
>still use urllib or something like that? Is that my answer?

You must be misunderstanding something.  The HTTP protocol REQUIRES that
the headers and the content be separated by a blank line.

Perhaps you should try to use a debug proxy to intercept the exact text of
the response, just to make sure you're sending what you think you are
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