Is there a time limit for replies?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Sat Nov 1 01:54:10 CET 2008

Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:
> Rafe wrote:
>> Can you recommend anything? I would like to avoid 1,000s of emails
>> flooding my account though.
> I like knode from KDE for browsing the Usenet. The Mozilla suite also
> contains a newsreader. Other than that, use a webmail account and configure
> a filter to file everything Pythonic into a separate folder.
>> It also has to work from behind a strict 
>> corporate firewall.
> When a firewall prevents work from being done, then there is a simple
> technical solution. In any case, you might want to ask your sysadmin
> whether the company or their ISP has a newsserver which you could use.

This list is available from free as group 
gmane.comp.python.general.  Works well enough.

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