Win 98 with Python 2.5--matplotlib and Numpy problem

W. eWatson notvalid2 at
Mon Nov 17 12:58:45 CET 2008

Tino Wildenhain wrote:
> W. eWatson wrote:
>> I'm trying to figure out why an application that both myself and a 
>> colleague  use gives errors when he uses it under W98. I'm using XP. 
>> Py 2.5 is installed on each of our machines. His first problem came with 
> ...
>> Clearly things have gone astray. Is numpy somehow not compatible with 
>> PY 2.5?
> numpy when compiled against python2.5 is perfectly compatible with 
> python2.5. However this does not tell you anything if you run an 
> application compiled on recent windows on a very old one.
> I guess this could be worked out but I don't know if the user base
> with win98 is large enough to justify this. If you feel desperate,
> you could always get the compiler and try your luck.
> Otoh you collegue could just abhore the windows and use something
> different on his hardware :-) With fvwm98 it would even look like :-)
> Tino
Yes, taking win98 out of the picture would help. That'll likely be my next 
step in trying to solve his problem. I'm just trying to clear the air that 
it isn't the OS.

Unfortunately, when this "free' app became available 2-3 years ago, they 
made the claim, simplicity or explicitly, that it would run on any Win OS. 
They really don't have the resources to keep looking back to some ancient 
win OSes. The users became driven by buying old PCs for this, and now I 
think this colleague is stuck with a problem.

Not only is the OS possibly a culprit, but buying a new OS will likely cost 
him bucks, and others. It probably gets worse for some who use this appl 
regularly. They can't update to new features as they come along. It's quite 
probably a new feature (and Win 98) are the problem. It's the first time 
they've tried to use matplotlib.

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