why does this call to re.findall() loop forever?

james.kirin40 at gmail.com james.kirin40 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 00:03:26 CET 2008

My apologies, given that Google Groups  messes up the formatting, the
regexp should read

regexp = re.compile("""<li class=\"post\".*?<h4 class=\"desc\"><a
\"(.*?)\" rel=\"nofollow\">(.*?)</a>.*?</div>\s*(?:<p class=\"notes
\">(.*?)</p>)?.*?<div class=\"meta\">(?:to ((?:<a class=\"tag\".*?> )
+))*.*?<span class=\"date\" title=\"(.*?)\">.*?</span>\s*</div>.*?</
li>""", re.DOTALL)

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