end of print = lower productivity ?

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Thu Nov 27 07:54:44 CET 2008

cptnwillard at gmail.com wrote:
>When I write "print", it is both effortless and instantaneous : my
>hands do not move, a wave goes through my fingers, it all happens in a
>tenth of a second.
>Contrast this with what one has to go through to catch the SHIFT key,
>and then the "(" : move the left hand, press SHIFT, move the right
>hand, aim "(", press, miss, press again. Same thing at the end of the
>function call.
>I know it sounds ridiculous, but it does *impair* my debugging
>productivity. Taylor would agree.

Although I'm not sure I will have the same issue with "print", I can
sympathize with what you are saying.  I spend virtually all of my time in a
command line.  As a Windows driver guy, I work a lot in the
\windows\system32\drivers directory.  I got used to typing that as
  \wi <tab> \syst <tab><tab> \dr <tab>
letting tab completion fill it in.

Well, in Windows XP, Microsoft introduced a new utility in "system32"
called "driverquery.exe".  Because it is alphabetically before "drivers",
that now appears.

Now, you would think that this is just a trivially minor inconvenience, but
to this day, 6 years after XP, I still find myself looking at
"driverquery.exe" instead of the "drivers" directory.
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