Workflow engine?

Tim Chase python.list at
Sun Nov 9 01:28:18 CET 2008

> After all its "just" maintaining a state and rules for possible transitions.

I've implemented my own web framework (just like every other 
Python developer ;-) and I've done my own finite-state-machines 
for workflows.  Web Frameworks are large, error-prone and have a 
lot of nuanced details.  Workflows done with FSMs are much more 
transparent and require far less work.  Each time I've created an 
FSM, it's been a custom solution exactly matching the 
problem-domain, and taking less than an afternoon to implement 
(both coding the solution, and populating the state & transition 
tables).  Thus I'd say a web framework is multiple orders of 
magnitude more complex than a custom rule engine.


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