pyExcelerator: setting zoom of a worksheet

John Machin sjmachin at
Tue Nov 25 23:18:15 CET 2008

On Nov 26, 6:40 am, Frank <n... at> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I use pyExcelerator and am quite happy with it, except: I cannot find a option
> for setting the zoom of a particular worksheet. I am using pyExcelerator
> 0.6.3a which is the latest as far as i know.

That is the latest released version (three years ago). There have been
a few bug-fixes and enhancements since then (last change: 21 months
ago); to access them you would need to get the source from the
sourceforge svn repository.

You may be interested in xlwt, a fork of pyExcelerator; see ... also consider joining the python-
excel discussion group at

> I already contacted the developer of pyExcelerator,

[jaw drops] Ambiguity resolution please: do you mean the author (rvk)
or the subsequent transient maintainer (gwashburn) or the recent
apparition (dizzy_ghost)?

> he says there is a zoom-option
> in, but it seems not to be there in my version.

It's there, it's called normal_magn (normal view as opposed to page-
break preview view, and  "magn" being short for "magnification").
However it doesn't work. It could be made to work (in xlwt). Further
discussion in the python-excel group if you are interested.

Which UI would viewers of your files be using? Excel 2003 and Gnumeric
1.9.1 are OK, but Calc v2 has a problem: given a file
hand-crafted using Excel 2003 with (say) 50% mag in first sheet and
200% mag in second sheet, it displays second sheet with 50% mag not


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