404 not found on for Python 2.6 Itanium

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Sat Nov 22 02:55:10 CET 2008

Christopher wrote:
>> Yes. It's too much effort to build, and too few users that actually
>> use it. Users are still free to build it themselves, and to share
>> the build with others.
> I guess that I don't understand why you feel there is so much effort
> involved.  I developed a set of makefiles that build Python and all
> dependencies from the command line using nmake.  The only thing you
> have to do is specify debug and cpu.  The rest is taken care of by the
> Makefiles.  Of course, this dev setup uses VS 2005, but it could be
> made to work with VS 2008 with little trouble.  The setup is designed
> to cross compile the x64 and ia64 architectures.

Martin builds two tested installer/uninstallers that work on nt, xp, and 
vista and include IDLE and docs as Microsoft Help files.  The 2.6 doc 
change apparently required changes in the doc build, and 3.0 changes 
changed something about IDLE.  To me, that seems enough for one volunteer.


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