Pyhon (with wxPython) on Windows' cygwin: can it be done fully ?

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Nov 26 14:24:21 CET 2008

Barak, Ron wrote:
> Hi Pythonistas,
> I read diaz's comments with interest, but - in my current configuration, I'm unable to use pdb.
> I'm developing on cygwin and use wxPython.
> Consequently, I cannot use native cygwin Python, but my Python is actually the Windows XP Python (i.e.,  /cygdrive/c/Python25/python.exe).
> This means that pdb (and, for that matter any Python shell (like IDLE)) gets stuck upon invocation.
> I was wandering: is anybody able to use native Python on cygwin, or alternately, to use Windows Python under cygwin in IDLE/pdb ?
That's a pretty crazy combination, which is more or less guaranteed to
cause problems. If you are using the standard Windows Python under
cygwin you will find it gives you issues with filenames, for example.
You won't be able to access them using the Cygwin names, so why not just
run the standard Windows Python under the Windows command line?

You can, of course, continue to use Cygwin for editing and command-line
Python. But you seem to be asking for trouble unnecessarily by running
Windows Python under Cygwin.

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