Python 2.5 and sqlite

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> On Nov 12, 10:14 am, Thorsten Kampe <thors... at> wrote:
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>>> Python (2.5.1) was compiled from source on the webserver that I use,
>>> without an associated sqlite present on the machine, so trying "import
>>> sqlite3" in a python application gives an error, but aside from that
>>> python is mostly behaving itself. Again further clarification, the
>>> webserver is a sun machine, my machine is linux and all drives of all
>>> machine in the network are mounted, so a ssh,telnet,rlogin is not
>>> required to gain access to other machines.
>>> Now with that out of the way, I'm still not clear if I can install a
>>> copy of sqlite on my local machine and get that to work with python on
>>> the webserver? Possibly via pysqlite?
>> No, if Python was compiled without SQLite support or pysqlite is not
>> installed on that machine it will not run anything SQLite related.
>> Thorsten
> ok, thanks for the clarification Thorsten. would it be the same
> situation trying to get another db such as MySQL or PostgreSQL working?

No, as those database are supported by modules you have to load separately.

Seems like the easiest answer to your problem would be to install SQLite
and then rebuild the Python interpreter.

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