Suggestions for an education programming project

Joe Strout joe at
Mon Nov 17 19:14:21 CET 2008

On Nov 17, 2008, at 10:53 AM, Eric wrote:

> My son has an idea for a program to
> write. Basically he would like to present a window with a small circle
> on it. The window title would have the instruction to click on the
> circle. As the mouse approaches the circle, it moves away from the
> spot. Being a kid, the visual and interactive aspect appeals. I think
> this will be nice as he can add complexity incrementally such as what
> direction to move, how to handle running into the edge of the window,
> etc.

Sounds like fun.

> What I'd like is a suggestion as to what GUI framework to use (Tk, wx
> or something else). I can add modules if necessary. I'd just as soon
> use something clean, understandable and not too complex.

I'd suggest wxPython -- start with the Bubbles demo at < 
 >, which should work on your (10.5) OS X machine right out of the box  
(i.e., no need to install anything extra).  It doesn't do the task you  
describe, but it does demonstrate animation and interaction with the  
mouse, and would be easy to extend and adapt in the direction you want.

- Joe

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