Workflow engine?

Piotr Chamera piotr_chamera at
Sun Nov 9 00:54:18 CET 2008

Grzegorz Staniak pisze:
> Hi,
> In a couple of weeks I'm starting a medium-size project (using a web 
> framework) involving a workflow implementation. Are you aware of any 
> open source workflow engines/libraries that I could base the project
> on? Google returns hist for GoFlow (Django only, from what I can tell),
> itools.workflow, spiff (AFAIK tied to a CMS), but not much else. I don't
> think I'll have enough time to get acquinted with Plone and its offer
> of products. Has anyone here tried any such code? What would you recommend?

There are some packages for zope on pypi:
Products.DCWorkflow - zope2, cmf
hurry.workflow and some extensions - zope3
zope.wfmc - zope3 (not many dependencies on zope3)

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