strange permission issue with nosetests

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Thu Nov 20 13:34:08 CET 2008

Mr.SpOOn <mr.spoon21 at> writes:

> Searching on google I found this:
> He had the same issue and said to change permission of the file to 664.
> I tried and it worked.
> Is that normal? Why does it happen?

If a file is meant to be run as a command or program, make it
executable. (It would be good to *also* make the file behave well when
imported as a module instead.)

If it's meant to be imported as a module, do *not* make it executable.

Unit test modules, which are primarily meant to be imported and have
the tests collected and *then* run by the unit test framework, should
be non-executable modules. I'm very glad nose enforces this.

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