Python surpasses Perl in popularity?

Hrvoje Niksic hniksic at
Wed Nov 26 22:47:40 CET 2008

Xah Lee <xahlee at> writes:

> Bourne Shell, is pretty much replaced by Bash since several years ago.
> For example, as far as i know, linuxes today don't have Bourne Shell
> anymore. “sh” is just a alias to bash with some compatibility
> parameter.

That used to be the case, but these days 'sh' is as often an alias to
a lighter shell program, a free reimplementation of sh that includes a
much smaller superset of the original sh functionality than that of
bash.  For example, on default Ubuntu installations, sh is a symlink
to dash, "a lightweight POSIX-compliant shell derived from ash."

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