Python 3.0 - is this true?

walterbyrd walterbyrd at
Sun Nov 9 04:17:11 CET 2008

On Nov 8, 12:02 pm, Arnaud Delobelle <arno... at> wrote:

> It goes well with duck typing.  It lets you know when you things happen
> that you don't mean to happen.

But doesn't that also make the language less flexible?

For example, if I used C, I would never have to worry about assigning
a float to an integer variable. The language will not allow it. I
thought that python's flexibility, in regard to that sort of thing,
was supposed to be one of python's great strengths.

Would it be better if python lists only accepted one type of data?
Wouldn't that even go further to let you know when things happen, that
you don't mean to happen?

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