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> requisites should have the host to run python code?
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If the host is linux-based (possibly if not, I don't have much experience
otherwise, so I can't say), and allows ssh access, you should be able to
write and run python code for a web service or site. How difficult it will
be to do, and what you need to do to make your app publicly accessible, will
depend on the hosts TOS. It's definitely accomplishable with the vast
majority of hosts.

Personally, I prefer a host that gives me root on a box (or virtual
machine). I've had a great time with slicehost (
However, going this route means that you'll have to learn quite a bit on the
sys-admin side. Slicehost has great articles written on various things, and
there's plenty of resources on the web (and in man pages) about what you
need to do to configure and secure a webserver, but it's still a lot of
learning. It is, however, stuff that you'll probably want to get familiar
with eventually anyhow, if you're writing web-facing python (or any other

There are a few hosts that specialize in, or explicitly offer python
hosting, has an overview of them.
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