Porn Addiction Solutions?

Hackamore hackamore_travel at
Thu Oct 9 07:14:41 CEST 2008

pavements01 at wrote:
> Help, I'm addicted to porn. I've been spending a lot of time
> downloading hardcore porn and masturbating to it. It's ruining my
> life. I just found out that one of these sites somehow hacked my card
> and rang up $5K in charges which they won't even refund me. Even with
> that I haven't stopped my habit and it's only getting worse. How can I
> end this addiction?
> Any suggestions?


they didn't "hack" your account, you gave it to them.

if they're unauthorized charges (not you subscribed to expensive porn 
sites and now don't to pay, or you didn't bother to cancel your 
subscription) contest them

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