v4l module

Carl K carl at personnelware.com
Mon Oct 27 02:24:47 CET 2008

I am looking for a v4l (either version 1 or 2) module.

I tried to use ctypes with ghostscript and failed.  I have a feeling trying to
use it with kernel modules would be even harder, so not exactly what "I" want to

I just tried http://antonym.org/libfg and it segfaulted.  (bugs reported)

I found http://code.google.com/p/python-v4l2/ which is just a description, (and
a post about what I want to do) but no code.

I want to write unit tests to help debug v4l drivers, so I don't actually need
to display any video.   I expect lots of "crashed when I did this" reports.

what this is for:  http://chipy.org/V4l2forPyCon

Carl K

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