If an OS was to be written in Python, how'w it look?

Paul Rubin http
Mon Oct 6 18:22:18 CEST 2008

"Eric Wertman" <ewertman at gmail.com> writes:
> I'm no expert, but this would seem like a good example of something
> that python wasn't good for.  I have always wondered, though, what a
> Linux kernel module would look like that had a python (or java, or
> whatever) interpreter running low-level, so the higher level
> components on the operating system could be implemented in an
> interpreted language.  Is there any benefit to something like that?
> Or is that crap too?  Again, I'm no expert.

This was done 20 years ago with the Lisp machine.  Really, it was a
bold idea back then, but programming language and systems
understanding have comea long way since then.  Best to keep using
Python as a scripting language; it's not the right thing for an OS.

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