Need advice on python importing

Matthew Wilson matt at
Fri Oct 17 18:19:41 CEST 2008

I started with a module with a bunch of classes that represent database
tables.  A lot of these classes have methods that use other classes
inside, sort of like this:

    class C(object):
        def c1(cls, a):
            return a

    class D(object):
        def d1(self, a):
            return a + C.c1(a)

Notice how the d1 method on class D uses a classmethod c1 on C.  C is in
the same module, so it's globally available.

I moved my classes C and D into different files, and then I noticed that
D now needed to import C first.  That worked fine until I wrote
interdependent classes that couldn't import each other.

So I passed in everything as parameters like this:

    def d1(self, C, a):
That works fine, but now I've got some methods that have six
parameters (or more) that are entirely just for this purpose.  So, now
instead of passing these in as parameters, I'm passing them into my
initializer and binding them in to self.

I wanted to use functools.partial to bind on these parameters like this:

    d1 = functools.partial(d1, C=C)

But partial objects don't get the self parameter passed in, so using
partial is is effectively similar to decorating methods with
staticmethod.  Here's a link to the documentation on partial that
explains this:

So, partials won't work.

I suspect that there's more elegant solutions for this.

All thoughts are welcome.

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