pymssql - execute loads all results into memory!

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Oct 21 13:06:37 CEST 2008

Aspersieman wrote:
> However, pyODBC doesn't support return variables(parameters) in stored 
> procedures (at least with MS SQL). pymssql is the only db api for python 
> that I've found that can reliably do this. I've tried adodbapi, pyodbc 
> and one or two others (can't think of the names now... :-/).

That's a fair point (I'm assuming you're right; I've never tried). That
tends to be a shortcoming of SQL interfaces. However, pymssql is based
on the defunct ntwdblib.dll interface which is becoming harder and harder
to find as of SQL2005. Have you tried putting a feature request in to
the pyodbc team? I've not had anything to do with them for a bit, but
they did implement the .nextset method at my request a couple of years
ago. (That's assuming it's even possible with ODBC in general, which
I also haven't checked).


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