PyGUI as a standard GUI API for Python?

David Boddie david at
Sun Oct 12 00:45:34 CEST 2008

On Saturday 11 October 2008 21:40, lkcl wrote:
> On Oct 11, 3:31 pm, David Boddie <da... at> wrote:

>> You can remove layouts from layouts with the QLayout.removeItem() method.
>  yes... it didn't work.  a layout within a layout - i think it was a
> QHorizontalLayout within a QGridLayout - didn't want to be removed.
> it's probably a bug.

Was it detached from the layout, but still visible?


>  in order to pull in flash plugins and other material, the accepted
> method in pygtk2 is to use python-gtk-mozplugger.  that's crazy.
> embed an _entire_ web browser, just to pull in a flash component.
> likewise, for doing a single bit of HTML, in pyqt4 and/or pygtk2, pull
> in a 17mb binary dependency using python-webkit-qt4 and/or
> pywebkitgtk, _just_ to display _one_ bit of HTML text??  _that's_
> crazy.

Sure, if all you want to do is display one bit of HTML text. It always
helps if you choose the most appropriate libraries for each task.


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