problem using ctypes with MMX intrinsics

dcharno dcharno at
Thu Oct 16 00:28:41 CEST 2008

Robert Kern wrote:
> Well, stack alignment would be a problem with how the shared library 
> gets compiled, nothing to do with ctypes (I think). However, if you are 

The shared library is built with '-m32 -msse2' and works fine from a 
C/C++ test harness, so I think its compiled okay.

 > passing in arrays from ctypes, *they* may also be misaligned. Try to
 > check the addresses of the ctypes values you are passing in. I'm not
 > entirely sure how to do that, though.

I'm only passing filenames and some string options through the API.  All 
the data that gets processed with MMX/SSE is opened inside the shared 

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