from package import * without overwriting similarly named functions?

Tim Chase python.list at
Fri Oct 24 20:27:27 CEST 2008

> I have multiple packages that have many of the same function names. Is
> it possible to do
> from package1 import *
> from package2 import *
> without overwriting similarly named objects from package1 with
> material in package2? How about a way to do this that at least gives a
> warning?

Yeah, just use

   from package2 import *
   from package1 import *

then nothing in package1 will get tromped upon.

However, best practices suggest leaving them in a namespace and 
not using the "import *" mechanism for precisely this reason. 
You can always use module aliasing:

   import package1 as p1
   import package2 as p2

so you don't have to type "package1.subitem", but can instead 
just write "p1.subitem".  I prefer to do this with packages like 

   import Tkinter as tk


so it doesn't litter my namespace, but also doesn't require me to 
type "Tkinter.Scrollbar", prefixing with "Tkinter." for everything.


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