Spawing a daemon from my app and closing only when the daemon is done its job

Ritesh Nadhani riteshn at
Fri Oct 3 03:12:57 CEST 2008


So I have a wxPython GUI app. I have two independent modules which are
command line are more of a daemon app which does separate but related
processing for the whole system.

Now, I am able to spawn the daemons and even close it when my wxPython app

But what I want is that if the daemon is in between its work (which is 90%
I/O work), I need to get notified by the daemon and disallow the user from
closing the app or let know the daemon that it needs to shut down cleanly
now and when it does, it sends a notification to my wxPython app again that
it is good to close down.

I can use wxPython's interprocess communication methods to implement but as
a separate necessity the daemon should be able to run independently without
the need of wxPython. Any idea how should I approach/solve the problem?

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