book recommendation for Python newbie?

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Core Python Programming" written by Wesley J. Chun, second edition, Prentice
Hall, ISBN 0-13-226993-7, go for it. I`m only a PHP programmer and this book
have helped me a lot from basic to advance level. though i`m still

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> Mike Driscoll wrote:
>> A lot of people recommend Lutz's "Learning Python". While I haven't
>> read it, I have read his follow-up "Programming Python" and it was
> I found Learning Python good for learning, and a useful reference
> sometimes, but it can seem very slow paced if you already know some other
> language. Another problem is that the author seems unable to drop any
> material that is out of date; the pace is slowed by explanations of what you
> might need to do if using a very old version. The third edition is even
> worse is that respect. Also, being based of the author's training
> experience, is not always a good thing. I prefer a book to sitting in a
> class because I don't want to fall asleep whilst the instructor repeats an
> explanation yet again for the benefit of those at the back, nor wait while
> clever-clogs at the front asks an arcane question of no general interest.
> Learning Python is too much like sitting in a classroom for me.
> If you already know some programming Python in a Nutshell is very useful.
> good. You might also look at Hetland's "Beginning Python" or even the
>> "Python for Dummies" book.
>> Mike
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