pymssql - execute loads all results into memory!

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Oct 21 15:00:58 CEST 2008

Aspersieman wrote:
[... re output params in pymssql / pyodbc ...]

> Oh, trust me - I've tried a *LOT*. I aggree, submitting a feature 
> request is a good idea. I think I'll do that. :)

Looks like someone already has:

> I did read somewhere (I think on the pyodbc site) that pyodbc isn't DB 
> API 2.0 feature complete yet - so I'll have to probably check if they 
> haven't already planned this.
> Obtaining output parameters from stored procedures is something I have 
> to do quite often, unfortunately - so maybe I can submit a patch even... :)

I'm sure that will be more than welcome. Looks like it's a
one-man band (as I guess most projects are) and there aren't
always enough minutes in the day.


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