regular expression question (re module)

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Oct 17 05:25:12 CEST 2008

Pat wrote:
> Faheem Mitha wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I need to match a string of the form
>> capital_letter underscore capital_letter number
>> against a string of the form
>> anything capital_letter underscore capital_letter number
>> some_stuff_not_starting with a number
> <snip>
>> DUKE00001_plateD_A12.CEL.
>> Thanks in advance. Please cc me with any reply.
>>                                                                 Faheem.
> While I can't provide you with an answer, I can say that I've been using
> RegExBuddy (for Windows, about $40, 90 day money back guarantee,
> for quite a few months now and it's greatly
> helped me with creating/learning/debugging regexps.  You put in your
> regexp in the top field and all the possibilities in the bottom field.
>  Whatever matches is instantly highlighted.  You keep modifying your RE
> until only the correct matches are highlighted. Talk about instant
> gratification!  No, I'm in no way affiliated with this company.
> There's also a free *IX version that's quite similar to RegExBuddy but I
> don't have the name since I'm writing this while on a Windows platform.
> -- 
Or you could use the Kodos tool, written in Python and well worth a
trial since it's free. Google is, as always, your friend in locating it.

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