decent interactive python shell on MS Windows?

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Wed Oct 1 21:19:50 CEST 2008

Jason Scheirer wrote:
> On Oct 1, 9:53 am, james.kiri... at wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> After having used Python on Linux for some time, I now have to do
>> Python coding on Windows. I am big fan of the interactive Python shell
>> to test, eg, regexps.
>> Is there an interactive Python shell on Windows that supports:
>> - easy copy-pasting to/from an editor? (as opposed to the cumbersome
>> "mark", "copy" and then "paste" sequence that any terminal on Windows
>> seems forced to adopt)
I don't know what you call easy,
but in windows we simply drag and drop,
try that on Linux  ;-)

e.g. PyScripter can do that, don't know your other demands


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