Module python-magic on/for Windows - UPDATE: WORKING & HowTo!!!

Carl K carl at
Sun Oct 26 22:23:45 CET 2008

Larry Hale wrote:
> Thank you, again, Michael, for all your help many months ago.
> I *FINALLY* got a HowTo done up; please see
> I've also emailed Mr. Hupp to see if he'll re-post the SWIG version;
> he's working on a newer binding (forget... ctypes??) and once that
> one's working...  :)

I need to convert pdf to png, which imagemagic convert does, I think by using
ghostscript.  a little over a year ago I tried with some imagemagic (there are
at least 2 i think) and neither seemed close to working (for pdf that is.)  any
idea if pdf conversion is working?

Carl K

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