which program I need for sftp using pramiko??

Larry Bates larry.bates at vitalEsafe.com
Thu Oct 23 07:23:27 CEST 2008

sa6113 wrote:
> which program I have to install for using paramiko for sftp between a two
> windows machine in local network??
> I have installed freeSSHd for server machine but I got an Authentication
> failed erro when try to connect to server using this code :
> sock.connect((hostname, port)) 
> t = paramiko.Transport(sock) 
> event = threading.Event() 
> t.start_client(event)     
> event.wait() 
>     if not t.is_active(): 
>         print 'SSH negotiation failed.' 
>         sys.exit(1) 
> else: 
>     print "SSH negotiation sucessful" 
>     event.clear() 
>     t.auth_password(username=username, password=password,event=event) 
> if not t.is_authenticated(): 
>         print "Authentication failed" 
> output: 
> SSH negotiation successful 
> Authentication failed 
> May I install any program on client computer such as openssh ?
> please help me.
> Thanks

Is security really that important between two machines on the same LAN?
If it really is that important, just use scp between the two machines.
You don't really have to reinvent the wheel to copy files between to machines.


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