how to get the thighest bit position in big integers?

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Wed Oct 29 22:43:13 CET 2008

On Oct 29, 4:16 pm, Glenn Linderman <v+pyt... at> wrote:
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> > or in 2.6
> > print 'highest bit position: %d' % (len(bin(3328)[2:])-1)
> > highest bit position: 11
> This works, but where is it documented?  

Good question. Now that I think about it, I believe I learned of
it here, never saw it in the docs.

> Searching the Python 2.6 docs
> for bin found lots of things that start with bin, but none of them were
> bin.  Searching the builtins page manual didn't find it.  Is this a bug
> in the documentation?

Well ,it's mentioned in "What's new in Python 2.6":
Python 3.0 adds several new built-in functions
and change the semantics of some existing built-ins.
Entirely new functions such as bin() have simply
been added to Python 2.6, but existing built-ins
haven’t been changed;

You would think when you add a new function, you would
also add it's documentation, but maybe that was an
oversight. I don't have 3.0, but maybe it can be found
in that set of docs.

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