PyGUI - Couple of questions - TextField callbacks and drop down list....

Hugh hugh at
Mon Oct 20 22:16:52 CEST 2008

The PyGUI website specified this place as the place for general
discussion about it, so here goes....

First off - thanks for something that is so straightforward to get
running on OSX... I've been migrating some relatively straight-forward
scripts-with-GUIs from Linux to OSX, and, while I used FLTK on Linux,
I could not get pyfltk to install on OSX. PyGUI was so
straightforward, though. Made me a very happy bunny.

Fortunately, I wrote most of the pyfltk-specific code in a helper
module, so I got that transferred over to PyGUI easily enough. But
there were a few things that I ran up against....

So... A couple of questions for you all...

TextField callbacks... I want to be able to generate a callback when a
textfield is modified. The text field has to only allow a very
specific format in it, and in fltk, I'd just have the callback be a
validation function which would either reset it to the old value or
allow the current one. It doesn't appear to have an "action" member...
Is there anything I can do here? Or should I maybe subclass the
TextField class.....

Drop-down lists... There's a menu, but, apparently, no drop-down list
class. For now, I've replaced it with a RadioGroup, which is okay, for
now, as I know that there aren't going to be any more than 3 items,
but I can see situations where I'd really rather have a drop-down list
a part of the GUI, rather than in the menu at the top of the screen.

Anyway, any advice on this would be much appreciated! For the kind of
thing that I'm doing, it's very appreciated that there's something
that's very straightforward to install.

Hugh Macdonald

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