How to Implement an XMLRPC Server in Python?

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Wed Oct 29 19:26:43 CET 2008

On 10/29/08, Zix <saviourms at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a newbie to python and trying to get a hang of some of its
> advanced features through an application I am building. Basically, I'd
> like to build a weather forecasting web service. The clients should be
> able to query the service with a location and date and get back the
> weather forecast.
> After reading a lot on the topic I've settled on the following:
> * not using any python frameworks (Django, pylons etc)
> * exposing the service through an XMLRPC API using Python 2.4.3
> (that's the python version on CentOS 5.2)
> * using mod_wsgi ( ) instead of
> mod_python
> So far, I've just created the database design and been focusing on
> that. But now I realize I've been procrastinating because I am not
> sure how to really go about implementing this (the docs on xml rpc
> python module are especially sparse). Please advice.
> --

These pages might be useful, they include example code:


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