Immutable object thread-safety

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at
Sun Oct 26 23:29:42 CET 2008

> This will rebind both a and b. In order to be correct, it MUST happen 
> in two phases: first calculate the right side, then do the rebind to 
> the names on the left side.
"rebind to the names" -> "rebind the names found on the left side, to 
the objects calculated from the expressions on the right side".
> I strongly feel that if such an assignment is not atomic for "a,b = 
> b,a" then int wont be atomic for "a+=b" or eveb "a=b" or any other 
> assignment. 
"int" -> "it"
"eveb" -> "even" 
> The immutable object itself will never change state, so it is thread 
> safe. The problem is not with the object, but the dictionary which 
> holds the name 'b' and 'a' and 'st' in your example. 
"The problem is not with the object" -> "The problem is not with THAT 

Wanted to answer too quickly. :-( Sorry.

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