extracting null pointer address from PyCObject with ctypes

Gordon Allott gordallott at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 16:45:27 CEST 2008

Aaron "Castironpi" Brady wrote:
> My pygame install just returns an integer in get_wm_info.  Take a
> look:
>>>> pygame.display.get_wm_info()
> {'window': 1180066, 'hglrc': 0}
>>>> pygame.display.get_wm_info()['window']
> 1180066
>>>> ctypes.c_void_p( _ )
> c_void_p(1180066)
> You're suggesting yours looks like this:
>>>> pygame.display.get_wm_info()
> { ... 'display': ctypes.py_object( 1180066 ), ... }
> What does type( display ) give you?
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yes its different on windows and linux, windows only has a few items
where linux has many more. 'window' is just the window 'id'  at any rate
which is not the data I am after (which is internally an address to an
xlib structure)
this is what pygame.display.get_wm_info() returns on linux:
{'fswindow': 31457283, 'wmwindow': 31457284, 'window': 31457294,
'lock_func': <PyCObject object at 0x89dfa70>, 'unlock_func': <PyCObject
object at 0x89dfa88>, 'display': <PyCObject object at 0x89dfa58>}

note how the display object is a PyCObject, thats got the address I want
 inside it.

Gord Allott (gordallott at gmail.com)

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