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Thu Oct 23 11:15:00 CEST 2008

Claudio Grondi wrote:
> Yves Lange wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i'm searching a method to take a snapshot and save it in a jpg, bmp or 
>> gif file. I tried with win32api and win32con but it save the snapshot to 
>> the clipboard, so i tried to redirect this in a file but i have some 
>> problems while getting the IMAGE stocked in the clipboard and save it to 
>> a file. Can somebody help me ?
>> Questions:
>> -How can i read the snapshot in the clipboard ?
>> -How can i take a snapshot in a different way (less difficult) ?
>> Thks.
> Use PIL which on Windows supports taking snapshots of the screen.
> <code>
> import ImageGrab
> GrabbedImage = ImageGrab.grab() # store screenshot as "RGB" Image
>"TheScreenshot.jpg") # PIL evaluates extension
> </code>
> For more details see:
> (works on Windows only)
> Claudio Grondi
> -- 

In my project I need a module to do the ImageGrab's job but in linux,
so is there a linux version module by now or do you know the other module
fit for linux?

if anybody knows that, please reply me, thanks.

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