Deviation from object-relational mapping (pySQLFace)

huy contactme42 at
Wed Oct 22 07:27:39 CEST 2008

On Oct 12, 11:19 am, sulyokp... at wrote:
> I have made a simple python module to handle SQL databases:
> Its goal to separate relational database stuff (SQL) from algorythmic
> code (python). A SQLFace is a facade initialized with a configuration
> file (XML). It provides callable command objects for each sql query.
> The call substitutes template variables with its parameters, and
> returns the result of the query.
> I would like to get some opinions on this approach.
> Thanks.

Best use of XML for SQL generation/use I have seen is Ibatis SQLMAPS.

This focuses on the right things i.e queries and mapping values to/
from objects.

It would be great if python had such a tool.


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