Code not work - DESPERATE HELP :(

Glenn Linderman v+python at
Fri Oct 31 01:31:58 CET 2008

On approximately 10/30/2008 2:13 PM, came the following characters from 
the keyboard of Bill McClain:
> On 2008-10-30, fx5900 <luong8201 at> wrote:
>>    I just went to go and get a coffee when i noticed a email, thought it was
>> just usual spam. Read your message, and it worked. it was because i did not
>> put they 'python' keyword infront. How did u figure it out?
> It is some problem with the DOS box on Windows. I believe the standard input
> and output get lost somehow. I just encountered it myself. Using the "python"
> command is not required on other platforms--Linux, for example.
> If anyone has a more elegant solution I would like to hear it. I hate
> documenting "this way on Windows, another way everywhere else..."
> -Bill

The problem with stdin/stdout is on Windows 2000 (and maybe the earlier 
NT?).  But not on XP or AFAIK Vista.

It only occurs when a program is executed indirectly using the file 
associations instead of directly via the command line.

File associations, are the Windows "let's do it a different way" 
alternative for Unix she-bang lines (#!/path/to/python).

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