ANN: Python programs for epidemic modelling

I. Soumpasis nono.231 at
Sat Oct 25 22:14:46 CEST 2008

Dear lists, now provides the Python programs for the book of M.
Keeling & P. Rohani "Modeling Infectious Diseases in Humans and Animals",
Princeton University Press, 2008. The book has on-line material which
includes programs for different models in various programming languages and
mathematical tools such as, "C++, FORTRAN and Matlab, while some are also
coded in the web-based Java programming language to allow readers to quickly
experiment with these types of models", as it is stated at the website. The
Python version of the programs were written long ago and submitted to the
book's on line material website (available soon). The Python programs with
the basic equations modelled and the results in figures were now uploaded on
a special wiki page of

Since, the programs are heavily using numpy, scipy and matplotlib libraries,
I send this announcement to all the three lists and the main python-list;
sorry for double-posting. The announcement with the related links is
uploaded here The programs are at
For those who are interested on modelling and epidemiology, they can take a
look at the main site ( or the main page of the
wiki ( and follow the epidemiology links.
The website is in its beginning, so limited information is uploaded up to

Thanks for your time and I hope it will be useful for some people,
Best Regards,
Ilias Soumpasis
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