Improving interpreter startup speed

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Oct 27 18:44:51 CET 2008

James Mills wrote:
> So instead of coming up with arbitary problems, why don't
> we come up with solutions for "Improving Interpreter Startup Speeds" ?

The current developers, most of whom use Python daily, are aware that 
faster startup would be better.  2.6 and 3.0 start up quicker because 
the some devs combed through the list of startup imports to see what 
could be removed (or, in one case, I believe, consolidated).  Some were. 
  Anyone who is still itching on this subject can seek further 
improvements and, if successful, submit a patch.

Or, one could check the Python wiki for a StartUpTime page and see if 
one needs to be added or improved/updated with information from the 
PyDev list archives to make it easier for a new developer to get up to 
speed on what has already been done in this area and what might be done.


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