PyGUI as a standard GUI API for Python?

lkcl luke.leighton at
Mon Oct 13 15:07:17 CEST 2008

On Oct 11, 11:17 pm, Terry Reedy <tjre... at> wrote:
> lkcl wrote:
> I got the impression that there is currently no Windows binary
> available.  Correct?  If not, perhaps someone trustworthy will someday
> donate one.

sorry, terry, you deleted a bit too much context :)
so, assuming that you mean "that there is currently no
windows binary", then then answer is:

pyjamas-desktop is pure python, relying on a modified version of
pywebkitgtk and a modified version of webkit to add glib bindings to

i spent one week fighting with mingw32 to cross-compile webkit for
win32 - when i say fighting i mean segfaults at link time (!!), which
was tracked down to the msvc-compiled version of libicu 3.8 and
eliminated by hack-compiling libicu with mingw32; _rebuilding_ mingw32
from the latest svn at the time, in order to include support for
exceptions across thread boundaries (libstdc++ exceptions -

all in all, it was a bitch :)

_then_ i started on cross-compiling python2.5 because there's no .exe
or .zip installer for python - only a .MSI, and, having installed MSI
under wine on linux with the excellent "winetricks" script, it causes
a segfault when you try to run a .MSI.

cross-compilation of python2.4 was successful (by the person who did
the initial patch, a year ago).  cross-compilation of python2.5, to
generate a libpython2.4.dll and .a, fails miserably.

why the python developers didn't include the patches, and keep them up-
to-date, isn't clear.

at that point, i gave up, despite valiant efforts, because it was
clear that, given that there was no financial incentive to continue, i
was wasting my time.

the bottom line is: if you want a windows version of pywebkitgtk, i'm
happy to assist and advise anyone of the process- it should be quite
straightforward _if_ you have MSVC and follow the standard procedure,
but i'm not about to spend my own time and effort on providing a win32
port using ming32, doing all the work _myself_, on my own, without
financial incentive and renumeration.

i'll happily explain to other people what _they_ need to do, though.


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