Python for the Playstation 3

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Fri Oct 3 03:54:46 CEST 2008

Blubaugh, David A. wrote:

> I was wondering if there is still a community effort to develop Python
> for Linux distributions for the Sony Playstation 3??  I have found a few
> WebPages stating this effort to port Python in such a way to take
> advantage of the Cell architecture within the playstation?  However, all
> of these WebPages are severely dated back as far as 2005-2006, with
> absolutely no additional activity since that time.  I believe these
> WebPages are now abandoned.  Is there any interest within the Python
> development team to port the Python language to the cell processor??  If
> not, I could try!!  Anyone else interested in developing the playstation
> 3 into a powerful supercomputer for the common individual???  I am also
> interested in developing clusters of playstations for HPC by taking
> advantage of Python's support for RPC and MPI!

2.6/3.0 have a new multiprocessing package with an interface more or 
less identical to the threading module.  The purpose, obviously, is 
enable easy movement from t. to mp. to take advantage of multiprocessor 
machine.  So this seems a timely idea.  But I don't have a Playstation 
-- yet.

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