PyGUI as a standard GUI API for Python?

lkcl luke.leighton at
Tue Oct 14 12:55:08 CEST 2008

On Oct 13, 10:56 pm, David Boddie <da... at> wrote:
> On Monday 13 October 2008 11:42, lkcl wrote:
> > i don't know if it _was_ detached from the layout, but it was
> > definitely still visible.  see
> >
> > for the example i was porting to pyqt4.  each time i clicked "Next", a
> > new set of N,N would be _overlaid_ on top of the old ones, even though
> > i was doing removeItem().
> Yes, it just sounds like you needed to delete the layouts after removing
> them.
> > the code's at
> I might take a look later in the week if the code in there is runnable.

 yeah, it is. is the main.... err.... um....  i just double-
checked, so i'd be able to advise you and... err... the problem i
described (with the GridTest) seems to have... gone away!!

 *slightly embarrassed* :)

 however, clicking too fast _did_ end up with fifty little windows of
text (!)

 and the respect for text boundaries is definitely broken - shrink the
window to 300 x 400 with the kitchensink example (which is where i
stopped and moved to webkit, so all the _other_ examples prior to that
will work) and you'll see that the text in a column down the left hand
side end up all overlapping each other.  so, you get to see the top
few pixels of each word.

 if there's a way to enforce the displaying of text - for the _text_
to say "i need to be a total area of X in order to display my words.
if you make my width too small, i will _force_ my height to be larger
as i wrap the text".

just like an HTML <p> </p> does.


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