Python/Numeric users be aware!

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Wed Oct 29 21:35:29 CET 2008

Benyang Tang wrote:
> I also found that the a[5:] problem is Python version dependent.
> On a 64-bit linux, of the following combinations I have tried, only
> the first one has the problem. The other two are ok.
> * Python 2.5.1 and Numeric 24.2
> * Python 2.4.5 and Numeric 24.2
> * Python 2.3.7 and Numeric 24.2

Python 2.5.1 introduced the use of Py_ssize_t for indices. Previously, those 
functions took C ints. Numeric 24.2 predates Python 2.5 substantially.

Robert Kern

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