Transformation with ``parser`` ast

Malthe Borch mborch at
Mon Oct 13 21:39:08 CEST 2008

(Note: repost from python-dev)

The ``compiler.ast`` module makes parsing Python source-code and AST 
manipulation relatively painless and it's straight-forward to implement 
a transformer class.

However, I find that the ``compiler.pycodegen`` module imposes a hard 
limit on the length of functions since it calculates jump points in a 

I'm using this module to compile an XML dynamic template into Python 
code (akin to "Mako") and functions may grow to a rather large size.

Now it seems that the ``parser`` module, which parses source code into 
```` trees does not have the same limitations, however, I could 
not find a transformer class compatible with its tree structure.

What's the recommended way of working with the AST tree from the 
``parser`` module?


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