[APSW] SELECT COUNT(*) not succesfull?

Cousin Stanley cousinstanley at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 03:30:12 CEST 2008

> ....
> Now I don't know what apsw is, but it's common for libraries 
> to provide their own wrapping of the db-api. 
> ....

  From the Debian GNU/Linux package manager ....

    APSW (Another Python SQLite Wrapper) is an SQLite 3 wrapper 
    that provides the thinnest layer over SQLite 3 possible.
    Everything you can do from the C API to SQLite 3, you can do 
    from Python. Although APSW's API looks vaguely similar to Python's
    DB-API, it is not compliant with that API and instead works the way
    SQLite 3 does.

  I've never used apsw myself ....

Stanley C. Kitching
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Phoenix, Arizona

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