pyserial: failed to readlines() after many hours running.

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid
Sat Oct 11 17:00:06 CEST 2008

On 2008-10-11, zxo102 <zxo102 at> wrote:

> I have a system. An instrument attched to 'com1' is wireless connected
> to many sensors at different locations.  The instrument can forward
> the  "commands" (from pyserial's write()) to those sensors.  Based on
> the "commands",  the sensors keep sending corresponding data back to
> the instrument which wraps up those data and put into "com1" . The
> readlines() of pyserial pick up those data for processing.
> The data ?string' does not have "\n".

If the data you're reading doesn't contain "\n", then you can't
use readline() or readlines().

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