PyGUI as a standard GUI API for Python?

lkcl luke.leighton at
Wed Oct 15 10:44:23 CEST 2008

> > is the main.... err.... um....  i just double-
> > checked, so i'd be able to advise you and... err... the problem i
> > described (with the GridTest) seems to have... gone away!!
> There are lots of references to PyGTK classes in there.

 yes, that's because i had started with the gtk port, and was going
through the examples one-by-one removing them and replacing them with

 as i only got up to the "Info" tab of KitchenSink, there is still
quite a bit to do.  i _say_ quite a bit - but it's only about ...
16-24 hours of work.

 pyjamas is surprisingly small.

> Is there a way to select Qt instead of GTK?

 sorry!  removing them :)

> Hacking the code a bit,


> I can run the example. The items
> on the left do indeed overlap. It looks like the minimum size of the
> labels aren't being respected for some reason.

 yeah.  and the pyjamas ui.HTML() class is based on a Qt.QLabel().  if
that can be fixed, then there's a fair good reason to continue.

> Yes, there are ways to relate the height of a widget to its width, and
> there may well be a way to do that for a standard text widget, but it
> might involve some experimentation with the underlying text document.

  *sharp intake of breath* :)  yehhh, i did word-breaking by wrapping
groups of 8 letters at a time in floating-divs once, to simulate word-
breaking in a situation where the column width was 200px and people
were putting in web site addresses of 50 chars in length.... yukk.

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